Rosamund West
as Tintin

Editor-in-chief, The Skinny magazine

What were you like at school?

Living in a sort of parallel world where I spent as much time as I could in the art department and would sometimes come down to the canteen covered in plaster which would attract a level of odd stares / mocking. I enjoy learning and love reading so I got good grades, which wasn’t regarded as particularly cool, but allowed me to follow a career I’m passionate about after I finished school.

What inspires you about the Super Power Agency?

Reading has opened up so many worlds to me, so something that fosters that in other people is a wonderful thing. There’s a depth of insight and inspiration that comes from books that I struggle to find in other media. When I was a kid seeing Tintin having these adventures lit the spark for my love of travel. As an adult, books have offered me a way into beginning to understand different cultures and perspectives – I’ve just been to Vietnam and reading The Sorrow of War gave me a small glimpse of the experience of their American War and its aftermath. I was lucky that I grew up in an environment where reading was really encouraged and valued, so I hope that the Super Power Agency can give that to kids who maybe wouldn’t receive that from elsewhere.

What is your favourite thing about Edinburgh?

I love that there’s a small area of wilderness in the middle of the city in the form of Arthur’s Seat. It gives the space to breathe – you know there’s always somewhere you can take a moment to get outside the city sprawl, get up high and gain some perspective if you need to.