Rabiya Choudhry
as The Werewolf


What were you like at school?

At school I was very quiet. I would dread any sort of attention until I got into the art department which was where I found my confidence and was able to really shine. I would make my classmates laugh with funny drawings which helped me make friends. I had a really great art teacher called Mr Crawford, he encouraged me to pursue art and helped me fill in art school applications. It was through my ability in art that helped me to be friends with a variety of different groups at school. I had a mixed group of a few friends from different groups in the school.

What inspires you about the Super Power Agency?

I think that the Super Power Agency is a brilliant project. It is vital that we encourage, enable and empower young people to pursue their dreams and to dream big too. I believe that creativity is the spark that can ignite the possibilities of a brighter future through the mediums of literature and art. It is also vital that art is accessible to all.

On a scale of 1 to 10 how cool are you?

I am secretly a bit cool but don’t tell anyone or I’ll hunt you down!