Molly Sheridan
as Heidi

Makeup artist & Co-founder of Reek Perfume

What were you like at school?

I was most definitely dubbed one of the naughty kids at school and rightly so. There didn’t seem to be a place for me at school, no subjects jumped out as my favourite and I couldn’t see an obvious path to take with my studies. Feeling out of the loop with school I often turned to films and music for ideas for what I wanted to do. Seeing the special effects and character makeup used in movies like The Wizard of Oz and The Fifth Element started my passion and drive to get into the make up industry.

What inspires you about the Super Power Agency?

Being able to share your opinions, ideas and stories through writing is so important. The Super Power Agency helps to teach those skills and help children find their voice on paper. In an age where we often communicate through writing it’s more crucial than ever that everyone has the chance to have confidence in reading and writing.

Are you a spring, summer, autumn or winter person

My favourite time of year is Autumn. Seeing the trees lose their leaves and slowly turn orange, spooky stories and dressing up for Halloween and deciding what to leave in the dark for winter solstice.

If you could be any flavour of ice cream, what would it be?

Mango sorbet. Fruity, refreshing and made completely from plants!

If you could only take one book to a desert island with you, what would it be?

The Book of Heroic Failures by Stephen Pile.

I find it hard to read for a long time so short stories and essays are a firm favourite. This book is full of fun reports of the world’s most heroic failures, which is brilliant whatever mood you’re in and always gives a lot to ponder on later…