Helen Carlin
as Princess Leia

CEO of Rowan Alba

Helen is CEO of Rowan Alba Ltd, with thirty years of experience in the third and public sector. Still passionate about making the world a better place and spreading kindness. Vast experience of Fundraising, Governance and Leadership. Helen enjoys red wine and conversation with intelligent people.

What were you like at school?

Easily distracted; rubbish at sports; good at languages. Thankfully not too spotty with a few good friends. A book worm who was reading anything she could get her hands on (promoted to the adult section of Todholm library at 12 as I had read all the kids stuff). And by adult, I mean grown up, top shelf stuff, but in the best possible taste.

Who would win a fight between Batman and Spiderman?

Whoever looks more like Hugh Jackman as Wolverine has my vote …

What inspires you about this project?

That every child realises their inner creativity and makes the best of themselves through the sure and certain knowledge that we are all special, and deserve to be celebrated for our innate and unique qualities. (I have been watching a lot of X-men recently) see earlier ref. to Wolverine.