Chloe Caprani
as Matilda

Company Director and Content Creator

What were you like at school?

Definitely bookish – sports held little to no appeal. My friend group was quite small but we were (and still are) extremely close. My favourite school memories are with those girls, gossiping and laughing and sharing every trivial detail. In that sense I think I was probably quite a typical teenage girl.

What inspires you about the Super Power Agency?

I really feel lucky to have had a huge amount of support and advice from my family in my education and professional life. What inspires me about the Super Power Agency is that it’s taking those wonderful things and making them available to children and young people who might otherwise struggle or feel disengaged, encouraging them to be creative and exposing them to alternative career paths.

What’s your favourite thing about Edinburgh?

The food! Edinburgh has some of the most amazing restaurants, cafes, coffee shops and gastropubs in the UK and almost everything can be considered ‘walking distance’. In terms of food and drink, Edinburgh is a city that punches above its weight.

Are you a spring, summer, autumn or winter person?

Winter. Heaven for me is a roaring fire and a storm outside.